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a montreal based animation duo

lou Victor sarfati karnas

My favorite thing about 2D animation is

the moment you realize that something

which started out as just an idea

slowly becomes a living breathing thing.

There's nothing better than looking back and realizing 

that those character sheets you made a few months back, 

are now moving, jumping and expressing themselves. 

They now have stories to tell, adventures to go on,

monsters to slay, friends to save!

Building all of it from the ground up,

that's what I love the most about animation.

It puts a big old grin on my face!

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I would define myself professionally as a 3D artist,

but there are so many facets of this title

that I feel like clarification is necessary.

I love sculpture and photography but also

solving artistic technical challenges.

Fortunately, 3D animation offers

a strange mix of those passions.

It is a whole set of tools to work

with shapes, space and light,

all while fully using both sides of my brain,

figuring the best way to achieve my goals.

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We both studied at Cégep du Vieux Montréal and became friends.

Throughout the years, the idea of us starting our very own animation initiative became more and more clear.

We wished to push ourselves creatively and have the opportunity to work alongside other artists in our field and beyond!

And so, 3 years ago, we started working on what we hope to be

our first of many projects and collaborations.

here are our faces!

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